Monday, June 07, 2010

Discovery's OMS Pod Removed; Crew Practices Rendezvous, Docking

Workers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida removed Discovery's right-side orbital maneuvering system pod Friday and will move it to the Hazardous Maintenance facility today for processing. The shuttle is undergoing standard launch processing for the STS-133 mission to the International Space Station.

The astronauts who will fly the mission are rehearsing in a simulator at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston for the rendezvous and docking at the station. The flight is targeted for launch in September.

Image above: Astronaut Tim Kopra sits in the flight engineer's position during a simulation earlier this year for the STS-133 mission. Commander Steve Lindsey is sitting in the left-hand seat in the front of the flight deck mockup as Pilot Eric Boe works in the right seat. Misison Specialist Alvin Drew is sitting beside Kopra. Image Credit: NASA

During space shuttle Discovery's final spaceflight, the STS-133 crew members will take important spares to the International Space Station along with the Express Logistics Carrier 4. Discovery is being readied for flight inside Kennedy's orbiter processing facility while its solid rocket boosters are stacked inside the nearby Vehicle Assembly Building. STS-133 is slated to launch in September.

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