Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saina Nehwal may be the next world champion in badminton

Saina Nehwal started her badminton training under the appropriate direction of S M Arif, who was a Dronacharya Awardee. The Gopi Chand Academy of Hyderabad is the place where Saina Nehwal is currently training. The Gopi Chand Academy at present is building plans to train Saina Nehwal in a more enhanced way by sending her to Holland and Denmark.

Being born to such parents as Harvir Singh, who is a scientist at Directorate of Oilseeds Research, and Usha Rani, who is a former Haryana state champion, Saina Nehwal has always received the support of her family members.

From her early years in the courts, Saina Nehwal had been considered as full of prospective. Being a National Junior champion, Saina Nehwal has performed very well in all the tournaments in which she has participated. Not only national but also in international tournaments Saina Nehwal has made a mark of her own.

The Junior Czech Open, which took place in the year 2003, was a major break in the career of Saina Nehwal as she went on to wins the tournament. Saina Nehwal also gave her finest in the Commonwealth Games of 2004 but could not win a medal. Saina Nehwal also took part in the Junior Asian Championship of 2004. At present, Saina is placed above shielding world champion Zhu Lin (No.8) and former World No.1 and world champion Xi Xingfang (No.9).